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Zhejiang Carspa New Energy Co.,LTD was founded in 2005,we had dedicated to solar energy for 17 years,we have more than 50000m² factory area and more than 300 employee count.

Our major products are power inverter,solar charge controller,battery charger,positive&negative booster and small solar power station.

We are CE,ISO9001,TUV,ROHS,FCC,ICE certified.Our products are widely recognized internationally.

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Accredited Company

We are CE,ISO9001,TUV,ROHS,FCC,ICEcertified.

100% Guarantee

Any problems caused by product quality are covered by a three-year warranty.

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We have a professional consulting team, any of your questions can be answered quickly.

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Carspa's History


Established  ,Started production of inverters


Owned a self-built factory.(Carspa Building)


Established Shengpu Group(Sunpulse),Set up a marketing center in Hangzhou,The factory was moved to Wenzhou, and the factory area was expanded to 50,000 square meters.


Get more 8000 square meters production base in Yueqing,under construction.


We are creating more value , Hope to have you join us!