What is battery charger?

CARSPA Battery charger is a charger for car battery,boat battery,RV battery.Carspa has ENC, EBC and PBC series electric battery charger. ENC series is 3 stage cheap battery charger with item No.: ENC1210, ENC1220, ENC2410. EBC series is 7 stage better rechargeable battery charger with 12V 10A-60A, 24V 5A-30A and 12/24V 50A, 60A PBC series is car battery charger with item No.: PBC1212-40.

3-Stage Battery Charger

• Satge 1:Bulk charge: Battery is charged with constant maximum current, the voltage will be more and more higher until rises to the absorption charge voltage.

• Satge 2: Absorption charge: The battery is charged with constant maximum voltage, the current will gradually changed to smaller until to the float charge value.

• Satge 3: Floating charge: It is also called slip current charging. In fact, the floating charging stage is also constant voltage charging, but the voltage is low and the current is small. 

It is maintenance-free charging, allowing long-term safe charging.
With trickle charging, the battery can be charged to nearly 100% 

ENC Series

AC to DC 12v/24v 10A-20A Battery Charger

PBC Series

DC to DC 12v 10A-60A Battery Charger

7-Stage Battery Charger

• Stage 1: Desulphation: The desulfurization phase breaks down the sulfation that occurs in the battery when it is left uncharged for a long time, allowing the battery to be fully recharged. Sulfation occurs when lead sulfate hardens and clogs the battery.

• Stage 2: Soft start: The initial charging phase slowly introduces half of the rated current into the battery. 
This charging phase protects the battery and extends battery life.
• Stage 3: Bulk charge: Charge at the maximum current until the battery capacity is close to about 80%. 
• Stage 4: Absorption: During the charging process, when the battery capacity is close to 100%, the charging current slowly decreases. 
• Stage 5: Battery Test: Test the battery to see if the battery saves power. If not, replace with another battery.
• Stage 6: Recondition: Select the repair procedure to add a repair phase to the charging process. 
During the repair phase, the voltage is increased to create a controlled gas in the cell. 
Gas mixes battery acid and restores batteries.
• Stage 7: Float: keep the battery capacity at 100% without discharging. 
This means that the charger can be connected to the battery indefinitely. 
This battery charger has a 7-level fully automatic charging curve with infinite repetition of the cycle. When the terminal voltage is lower than the minimum limit, the charger will automatically return to the starting point of the charging curve.

EBC Series

AC to DC 12v/24v 10A-60A Battery Charger