What is solar charge controller?

A solar charge controller, also known as a solar regulator, is basically a solar battery charger connected between the solar panels and battery. Its job is to regulate the battery charging process and ensure the battery is charged correctly, or more importantly, not over-charged.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

An MPPT charge controller is a DC-DC converter that maximizes the efficiency of a solar system. It does this by optimizing the voltage match between the solar panel array and the batteries.Typically, MPPT solar charge controllers have higher charge conversion efficiency than PWM controller.

CD Series

12V/24V 10A-30A PWM solar charge controller

ENS Series

12V/24V 5A-60A PWM solar charge controller

CP Series

12V/24V 10A-60A PWM solar charge controller

ENSD Series

24V/48V 50A-80A PWM solar charge controller

PWM Solar Charge Controller

A PWM (pulse width modulation) controller can be thought of as an (electronic) switch between the solar panels and the battery: The switch is ON when the charger mode is in bulk charge mode. The switch is “flicked” ON and OFF as needed (pulse width modulated) to hold the battery voltage at the absorption voltage.

MPPT Series

12V/24V 10A-30A MPPT solar charge controller

MH-R Series

12V/24V 20A-60A MPPT solar charge controller

Esmart Series

12V/24V 20A-60A MPPT solar charge controller


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