Home Off-grid Station Solution

Suburban villas that draw electricity from diesel generators often run out of generator diesel, causing unplanned outages and having to travel long distances to buy diesel which waste  lots of energy and time.

A lot of people have to think about pulling a separate cable from utility power to their house, but that usually costs a fortune.

Therefore, our company provides cost-effective solar power generation solutions

What is our solution?

In order to solve the problem of Home power outage, we provide Home off-grid solar power station solutions.

This system uses solar panels to generate electricity, and then inputs the electricity into the battery through the solar charge controller, and then converts the electrical energy stored in the battery into the alternating current for daily use through the inverter.

Home Off-grid systems often require larger power reserves and larger power consumption, so we usually spread solar panels all over the roof to obtain larger power generation, and at the same time use more efficient MPPT solar charge controllers and larger capacity Batteries to ensure electricity demand in cloudy and rainy days.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Provide a stable charging current for solar panels and

batteries, which not only guarantees a charging efficiency

of more than 95%, but also protects battery safety.

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Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Provide stable current output for electrical appliances

to ensure the safety of electrical appliances.

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RV store electrical energy through batteries,

which are used to power RV equipment outdoors.

Solar Panels

When the RV is driven or parked, the solar panels

use the energy from sunlight to charge the battery.